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Re-Live Triangular Multipoint Structural Allograft System

We achieve SI joint fixation and fusion of the joint with precision machined Re-Live Triangular Multi-Point Structural Allograft implants. The Re-Live implant is inserted in a minimally invasive posterior procedure to achieve a true arthrodesis of the sacroiliac joint. 

Using fluoroscopic guidance and a specifically designed series of instruments, this procedure provides access to the joint with safety and control. The posterior approach provides a high level of safety and allows for decortication of the joint and grafting.

Re-Live Implants

Each implant is machined from dense cortical bone with a cortical layer on each end. During advancement, the patented Triangular Multi-Point design allows the bone graft to encapsulate the implant and promote fusion. 

Re-Live Implant Specifications:

  • Allograft precision-machined from cortical bone
  • Cortical layer proximally and distally
  • 9mm diameter, 25mm length
  • Sterile packaged in a double, heat-sealed pack
  • Package contains stickers for the patient chart


Refer to the Re-Live System Package Insert document (FRM-003.1 Rev B) for complete safety information including:

• Warnings and Precautions

• Potential Adverse Events

• Care and Handling of Instruments

• Sterilization and Packaging