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Minimally Invasive SI Joint Fusion with the Re-Live® Implant

If non-surgical treatments do not provide relief, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive SI joint fusion surgery. This minimally invasive surgical procedure eliminates motion by stabilizing and fusing the SI joint. The procedure is done through a posterior approach with one or two small incisions on your buttock. 

The Re-Live Implant is precision-machined from allograft (bone graft), and unlike metal implants, it is designed to be incorporated into your ilium and sacrum. The patented implant design uses anti-migration teeth to resist dislocation and promote fusion of your joint. This procedure may be done on an outpatient basis and may provide immediate relief from your pain. 

Associated Risks

As with all surgical procedures and implants, there are risks associated with this procedure. This procedure is not appropriate for all patients, and all patients may not benefit. You should discuss these risks and considerations with your doctor before deciding if this treatment option is right for you. For information about the risks and safety information click here.

What to expect after fusion with the Re-Live Implant

After you are discharged, your doctor’s office will arrange follow up visits to track your progress. Your doctor will determine your post-surgical care based on your individual needs.

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